Review Felix Contreras Volunteer in Xela, Guatemala

Volunteer Name:  Morgan Mercer
Project Location: Quito, Ecuador
Program Dates: October 1st – December 15th
Volunteered at: Children Center

Volunteer Name: Gina MontesDeOca
Project Location: Volta Region, Ghana
Program Dates:  From Nov 14 2014 to Nov 28 2014
Volunteered at:  Orphanage / Child Care

Stephanie Stryker
 Volunteer in Cusco, Peru The Nursery and Orphanage 


Volunteer Name: Stephanie Stryker

Project Location: Cusco Peru

Program Dates: 11/22 to 11/29/2014

Volunteered at: The nursery and orphanage 

Danielle Stryker
 Volunteer in Cusco, Peru Nursery and Girls Orphanage


Volunteer Name: Danielle Stryker

Project Location:  Cusco Peru

Program Dates: 11/21- 11/28/14

Volunteered at: Nursery and Girls orphanage

Feedback Bobby Salerno Volunteer in Belize

Volunteer Name: Bobby Salerno & Jaclyn Nil
Volunteer Location: Belize, orphanage
Volunteer Dates:  November 08 - November 15, 2014

Review Grace N Perry Volunteer in Quito, Ecuador

Volunteer Name: Grace N Perry
Project Location: Quito, Ecuador
Program Dates: September 13-November 23
Volunteered at:  Special-needs School, Catholic School

Volunteer Name: Hannah Hinrichsen
Project Location: Xela, Guatemala
Program Dates: From Aug. 29th to Nov. 21st 2014
Volunteered at: Elderly women´s home, rehabilitation center and health clinic

Volunteer Name: Alice Boatman
Project Location: Costa Rica, Pacific Region
Program Dates: From June 26  to July 10th 2014

Volunteered at: Sea Turtle Conservation


Volunteer Name: Jude McCafferty

Project Location: Cusco, Peru

Program Dates: From 10/26/014  to  11/09/2014

Volunteered at: Girls' Orphanage and Daycare

Volunteer Name: Jena McCafferty

Project Location: Cusco, Peru

Program Dates: October 27th-November 7th
Volunteered at:  Girl's Orphanage and Day Care

Review Sarah O'Brien Volunteer in Cusco, Peru

Volunteer Name: Sarah O'Brien
Project Location: Cusco, Peru
Program Dates: From Oct 11, 2014  to Nov 1, 2014
Volunteered at: Girls orphanage and special needs school

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