Best Volunteer Reviews 2017

Review Sara Hennessy Volunteer in Guatemala Quetzaltenango Medical program

Review Volunteer Sara Hennessy in Guatemala Quetzaltenango Medical program

Review Justin Norris Volunteer in Honduras La Ceiba at the Premed

Review Volunteer Justin Norris in Honduras La Ceiba at the Premed program

Feedback Lauren Martin Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer Name: Lauren Martin
Project Location: Tanzania
Volunteered at: local hospital

Review Yolanda Gomez
 Volunteer in Xela, Guatemala

Volunteer Name: Yolanda Gomez

Project Location: Xela, Guatemala

Volunteered at: Mother and child shelter   

Review Tania Daou Volunteer in Honduras La Ceiba

Volunteer Review Tania Daou in Honduras La Ceiba PreMed program at the local hospital

Feedback Pamela Volunteer in San Jose, Costa Rica

Volunteer Name: Pamela E.
Project Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Volunteered at: Guardia

Volunteer Name: Sam Valerio-Sacks
Location: Arusha, Tanzania
Project: Orphanage

I don't have a favorite memory because the entire trip was pretty spectacular, I know for me when of my favorite memories is getting a letter from the children at the center when I was there

Review Tara Degnan Volunteer in Belize

Volunteer Name: Tara Degnan - University of Dayton
Project Location: Belize
Volunteered at:  Children House

Feedback Erica Judd Volunteer in Quito, Ecuador

Volunteer Name:  Erica Judd
Project Location: Quito, Ecuador
Volunteered at: Children and  Centro De Salud

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