Best Volunteer Reviews 2017

Feedback Emily Roca Volunteer in belize

Volunteer Name: Emily Roca
Project Location: Belize
Volunteered at: Orphanage

Review Volunteer  Robin Fiftal in Guatemala Xela at the medical program Bridgeport University

Volunteer in Guatemala: Keep an open mind. Understand that everything you do means something. Never underestimate your ability to have an impact and to make a real difference in someones life. Even if you feel like you didn´t do anything, or that it just wasn´t enough – it was. It is appreciated, someone is grateful. That is what it is all about.

Review Lorin Crear Volunteer in La Serena Chile at the Orphanage program

Review Volunteer Lorin Crear in La Serena Chile at the Orphanage program

Volunteer Name: Adam Farber
Project Location: Bulenga, Uganda
Volunteered At: Orphanage and school

Volunteer Name: Thomas Yetter
Location: Quito Ecuador
Project: Health/Medical

Review Ben Levine-Drizin  Volunteer in Xela, Guatemala

Volunteer Name: Ben Levine-Drizin

Project Location: Xela, Guatemala

Volunteered at: Rehabilitation, health clinic

Review Liliya Tereshchuk Volunteer in Guatemala Xela

Volunteer Review Liliya Tereshchuk in Guatemala Xela Premed Program Bridgeport University

Review Carley Volunteer in Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Volunteer Review Carley Padgett in Guatemala Quetzaltenango Helath Care & Woman Shelter program 

Review Stephanie Janus Volunteer in Belize

Volunteer Review Stephanie Janus in Belize Orphanage Program University of Dayton

Feedback Taylor Carpentier Volunteer in BElize

Volunteer Name: Taylor Carpentier
Project Location: Belize
Volunteered at: Children’s Home

Review Julia Nutt Volunteer in Cusco, Peru

Volunteer Name: Julia Nutt
Project Location: Cusco, Peru
Volunteered at: Girls Orphanage

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