Review Grace Perry Volunteer in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Galapagos

Volunteer Name: Grace Perry
Program Location: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Galapagos
Program dates: September 2014 to February 2015
Type of programs: Conservation, Children support, Social Welfare

Feedback Grace Perry
 Volunteer in Cartagena, Colombia

Volunteer name: Grace Perry

Location: Cartagena, Colombia 

Program: Children Support
Dates:  Jan 18th to Feb 1at , 2015

Review Andrew Wylie Volunteer in Quito, Ecuador

Volunteer Name: Andrew Wylie
Project Location:  Quito, Ecuador
Program Dates: 11/17/14-2/2/15

Volunteered at:  Children program

Volunteer Name: Jasmine Brown

Program Location: Belize
Dates of program:12/14/14-12/26/14

Type of Program: Children’s Orphanage

Volunteer Name: Caitlyn Ahlberg
Project Location: La Ceiba, Honduras
Program Dates: 09-01 to 23-01-2015
Volunteered at: Local Hospital

Feedback Kevin Loughlin
 Volunteer in Cusco, Peru

Volunteer Name: Kevin Loughlin

Project Location: Cusco, Peru

Program Dates: 12/26/2014  to  01/23/2015

Volunteered at: Orphanage 

Review Tara Degnan Volunteer in Belize

Volunteer Name: Tara Degnan - University of Dayton
Project Location: Belize
Program Dates: From 01/03/2015 to  01/10/2015
Volunteered at:  Children House

Feedback Lakyn Perry Volunteer in Moshi, Tanzania

Volunteer Name: Lakyn Perry
Project Location: Moshi, Tanzania
Program Dates: December 09 - December 23, 2014
Volunteered at: Clinic/health care project

Review Nathan Turnwald Volunteer in Belize

Volunteer Name: Nathan Turnwald - University of Dayton Winter Trip
Volunteer Location: Belize
Dates: 1/3/2015 - 1/10/2015
Project: Orphanage/ Children's Home

Review Ozge Colak Volunteer in Cusco, Peru

Volunteer Name: Ozge Colak (From Turkey)

Project Location: Cusco, Peru

Program Dates: 01/11  to  01/18/2015

Volunteered at:  Orphanage

Feedback Nicholas Kos Volunteer in La Ceiba, Honduras

Volunteer Name: Nicholas Kos
Project Location: La Ceiba, Honduras.
Program Dates: Jan 2th to Jan 10th  2015
Volunteered at: Local Clinic

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