Best Volunteer Reviews 2017

Volunteer Name:  Jessica Lim

Project Location: Cusco, Peru
Program Dates:  June 3rd to June 24th, 2014

Volunteered at:  Health Care Program

Mark Dongherty, Boston, MA.
Day: April 17 to 25, 2014
Program: Local Hospital

Review Sailesh Narsinh Volunteer in Lusaka, Zambia

Volunteer Name: Sailesh Narsinh
Project Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Program Dates: Nov 24 to Dec 19, 2014
Volunteered at: Medical/Healthcare (clinic)

Review Lauren Durnwald Volunteer in Belize

Volunteer Review Lauren Durnwald in Belize Orphanage Program University of Dayton

Review Jerry E. So Volunteer in La Ceiba, Honduras

Volunteer Name: Jerry E. So
Project Location: La Ceiba, Honduras.
Program Dates: Dec 14th  to Jan 9th, 2015
Volunteered at: La Clinica and Hospital in La Ceiba

Review Amber Potter Volunteer in Belize

Volunteer Name: Amber Potter
Project Location: Belize
Program Dates: April 23 – May 28, 2015
Volunteered at: Orphanage

Review Tho Vu Volunteer in La Ceiba, Honduras

Volunteer : Tho Vu
Location: Honduras, La Ceiba
Date: Jul 19th to Aug 9th, 2014
Program: Medical Program Hospital

Review Radha Holdover Volunteer in Belize Orphanage

Review Volunteer Radha Holdover in Belize Orphanage program

Volunteer Name: Temidire Alesh
Project Location: Antigua, Guatemala
Program Dates: Aug. 26- Sept 8th 2012
Volunteered At: Nutrition project

How was the local ABV Director and the support provided in-country? They were generally very helpful What was your favorite memory of this trip? Playing with the kids and seeing them so happy

Review Joshua David Waters Volunteer in Lusaka Zambia

Volunteer Name: Joshua David Waters
Project Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Program Dates:  From Nov 25 2014 to Jan 06 2015
Volunteered at:  Youth / Human Rights

Review Ben Levine-Drizin  Volunteer in Xela, Guatemala

Volunteer Name: Ben Levine-Drizin

Project Location: Xela, Guatemala

Program Dates: June 8th to August 31st 2014

Volunteered at: Rehabilitation, health clinic

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