Best Volunteer Reviews 2017

Review Matthew L. Volunteer in Cusco, Peru

Volunteer Name: Matthew Loomis
Project Location:  Cusco, Peru
Volunteered at:  Kindergarten

Volunteer in Guatemala Xela Review Woman's Support Program Yuko Watanabe

My host family is nice. The host mother is good at cooking. My host family didn´t go inside of my room. On-site, I put my backpack in the office but the door is always open.

Volunteer Name: Eric Hasenkamp
Project Location: Quito, Ecuador
Volunteered at: Children's center and Centro de Salud

Review Volunteer Catherine Mc Elroy Chile La Serena at the Seniors Care Center

My accommodation was the highlight! Vilma and her family are so welcoming--I feel right at home here!

Review Elisa de la Terre Kathmandu Nepal Woman Support Program

I just want to thank you. I felt amazing and I love all the great job you put together for. 

Review Annelie Rogers Volunteer in Honduras, La Ceiba

Review Volunteer Annelie Rogers Honduras La Ceiba PreMed Programs

Review Volunteer Ana Gomez in Honduras La Ceiba at the Medical program

This volunteering experience at La Ceiba was my first volunteering activity ever and while I am not a doctor or a nurse I wasn't sure I was going to be able to provide help and I ended feeling highly satisfy with my accomplishments. The experience allow me to challenge myself and find creative ways in which I could be of help, even without getting a straight forward tasks from the people at the clinic, clear expectations and a defined role for me to do. I would certainly do it again, perhaps with more time (at least three weeks).  This experience has provided me with personal growth as well as good memories and personal gratification. It also allowed me to meet wonderful people I am sure I will remind in contact with. 

Review Ronnie Morris Volunteer in Belize at the Orphanage Program (Family of 4)

Review Volunteer Ronnie Morris in Belize at the Orphanage Program (Family of 4)

Volunteer Name: Abraham Grinberg
Project Location: Quito /St Domingo/Sumo, Ecuador    
Volunteered at: Health Care Program

Review Monica Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer Review Monica Chenglo Volunteer in Kathmandu, Nepal Volunteered at: Disability Center

Volunteer Name: Veronica Ralls
Project Location: Cusco, Peru
Volunteered at: Medical Clinic

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