Best Volunteer Reviews 2017

Feedback Jannie Lew Volunteer in Cusco, Peru

Volunteer Name: Jannie Lew    
Project Location: Cusco, Peru
Program Dates: May 3rd to 10th, 2015
Volunteered at: MultiClinic

Review Taira A. Volunteer in Belize

Volunteer Name: Taira Alderman
Project Location: Belize
Program Dates: August 23rd   – August 30th, 2015
Volunteered at: Orphanage Home

Review Doralee Smith Volunteer in Belize Orphanage

Review Volunteer Doralee Smith in Belize Orphanage Program La Europa Group

Review Volunteer Stacy Dybas Honduras La Ceiba Rescue Ambulance program

Spending two weeks in Honduras was a different experience. It allowed me to appreciate everything that we take for granted in the USA. The people of Honduras were also very friendly. The staff at the hospitals were welcoming and grateful for the help we provided.

Volunteer Name:  Anna Williams
Project Location: Arusha, Tanzania
Program Dates: May 28th-July 17th, 2014
Volunteered at: Orphanage and School

Review Volunteer Jill Valentine Nepal Kathmandu Woman support Program

Nepal is a beautiful country with wonderful, warm & friendly people. Very inviting, being here is absolutely pleasure and honor. I have thoroughly enjoying my time while volunteering with a broader view, sudhir & his team and staying in their lovely house. It’s been absolutely incredible experience and I feel I have had an opportunity to both share and teach and at the same time I have learned and discovered so much about the Nepali culture as well as myself.

Review Sherry Ketner Volunteer in Lusaka Zambia

Feedback Volunteer Sherry Ketner in Project Location Lusaka, Zambia Volunteered at  Medical - Dental / Healthcare

Volunteer Review Grace McCormic Belize Orphanage Dayton University

I just wanted to thank everyone for this incredible experience. I will never forget the love that I was shown this week it was unforgettable. This volunteer trip has confirmed my passion for working with kids and helping others. This was not a one week program for me, I am going to forever hold the kids in my heart and hopefully come back in the near future and if not help from afar.

 Thomas Volunteers in Honduras

Thomas Dongherty, Boston, MA.
High School Student
Day: April 17 to 25, 2014
Program:  Children Center

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