Best Volunteer Reviews 2017

Review Soni Midha Volunteer in Belize Orphanage Group

Volunteer Review Soni Midha in Belize Orphanage Group

Volunteer Survey Mary Pangalangan in Belize Orphanage program Dayton University

I didn’t know what to expect when I came to Belize. But I have been pleasantly surprised by the extremely friendly people. The accommodations at the orphanage, and the beautiful climate. The kids are great and I’m so happy that I come and get the chance to get to know them.

Volunteer Name: Stephanie Fontana
Project Location: Kpando, Ghana
Program Dates: May 25 – June 1, 2014
Volunteered at: Children’s home and local school

Review Grace Volunteer in Manu, Peru

Volunteer Name: Grace P
Project Location:  Manu, Peru
Program Dates: November 24 - December 06, 2014
Volunteered at:  Conservation/Eco project Amazon

Volunteer name: Victoria Dost

Project location: Cusco, Perú

Program dates: 21/5/24-2/5/14

Volunteered at: Local kindergarten & Girls home

Volunteer Name: Madeleine Emery
Project Location: Belize
Program Dates: May 26- June 9, 2014          
Volunteered At: Children's Home

Review Ronald Van Wagner Volunteer in Belize

Review Volunteer Ronald Van Wagner in Belize Orphanage program.

Volunteer Name: Kwasi Boatang
Volunteer Dates: Jan 03 - Jan 17, 2014
Location: Cartagena, Colombia
Project: Children Center

Review Volunteer Kishan Patel Honduras La Ceiba Premedical program

I have had a great time during my stay here. The whole program was very organized, and yet we were given the freedom to explore. Learning from the doctors was helped by the fact that some of them understood and spoke English.

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